The Duck Company


Smile, Connect, & Share

30 years ago in Boulder, I started the Duck Company because I loved the outdoor experience and wanted to share that passion through partnerships with stores like yours. Over the years, I’ve learned how hard it is to do what you do. Without customers like you, there wouldn’t be a Duck Company and for that reason, we thank you!

We challenge ourselves to be the #1 most recognized experience lifestyle brand. We hope you will help us get there by including us in your store so that we can become your most valuable partner.

  - Jim Bruno, Founder


Actually we really give a shit…about your store, your goals, and your customers. We want you to charge a fair price, make money, and live well. Every product we create serves you in this way. THE DUCK WAY.


We know your seasonal cycle and how important your time is. We focus on immediate responses to orders, questions or issues.


Our team is dedicated to being your #1 PARTNER. The best way to support you is to know you and your market. So, The Duck has an exclusive, product-expert sales team based at our Colorado headquarters that supports you directly, face to face, and is dedicated to your growth and success.